The Most Important Features In A BBQ Concession Trailer

Posted on: 30 December 2019

If you want to start a business in which you serve BBQ, you will need the right equipment. A BBQ trailer is a convenient place out of which you can cook and serve food for customers. The trailer not only stores the food but also serves as a mobile kitchen. There are several features you'll need in your concession trailer.

Work Tables

A concession trailer needs a work table where you can prepare your food. Many BBQ concession trailers come with multiple work tables so it's easier to work efficiently. You need a place to store the fuel that you'll use to cook your BBQ food and you must vent any exhaust produced by BBQing. You might need a location for a generator to power your cooking production.


A generator is necessary in part because a BBQ trailer needs a freezer and refrigerator to store food supplies. Some BBQ trailers will also come with a soda machine. Conventional soda products and root beer are some of the best beverages to serve with BBQ food.

Restroom Facilities

Trailers need a bathroom so that staff are able to wash their hands periodically when preparing food and use the restroom. You'll need plumbing and a water heater for cooking and washing hands. 

Griddles and Fryers

A BBQ griddle and a fryer are common pieces of equipment that businesses use to cook in a concession trailer. You'll need a cook and hold gauge to monitor the meat and make sure that it's safe to eat.

Steam Tables

A steam table can be a useful optional addition when you're serving a large number of guests and you need to keep food warm. The food is kept warm with either moist or dry heating, based on whether the water is kept in the pan or kept above the heat source. 

Advantages of BBQ Concession Trailers

The great thing about a BBQ trailer is that you are able to cook for hundreds of people at a time. Therefore, they're great if you're going to arrive at an event and cook BBQ, whether you're serving a set number of customers or if you are setting up a trailer at a fair for customers to dine at while enjoying. Trailers are suitable for businesses of all sizes, with both small and large businesses using BBQ trailers. The great thing about setting up a BBQ trailer is that everyone loves BBQ.