Things You Need To Know When Buying Used Parts For Your Vehicle

Posted on: 22 September 2021

If you need to replace a part on your car or truck then used car parts can be a good option. In some situations, the part you need is hard to find, is no longer in production, or is expensive when purchased new, so finding the part used but in good shape can help.

Salvage Yard Parts

If you are looking for good, used car parts, the best place to start is at the local auto recycler or salvage yard. Salvage operations spend a lot of time finding vehicles with good parts and disassembling them to recover the parts so they can be sold. In general, used parts are in varying conditions, though in some cases, you can get nearly new parts from a salvage yard.

Used parts resellers inspect and catalog parts when they come off the vehicle so buying parts from the recycler is similar to purchasing them from an auto parts store. The most significant difference is that the used car parts often only have a short warranty because the recycler can't guarantee the condition of the part. Used car parts are still an excellent option, but because they came off another vehicle, there is no way to know how well maintained that car or truck was.

The cost of used car parts can be significantly lower than new parts so in many cases the risk of buying used is worth it. If you get several years of use from the used parts, and you buy them at a quarter of the price of the new part, you will most likely come out ahead in the long run. 

Swap Meets And Flea Markets

One great place to find used car parts, especially specialty parts that are rare or very specific to your car, is at a car club swap meet. If the parts you are looking for are hard to find new and are not available in the reproduction market, you may have to buy the parts from someone that has them and is willing to give them up. 

The condition of the used car parts you are looking for can vary, but if they are hard to find, they can often be worth buying and restoring. Flea markets are also an excellent place to look for other used parts, and many times you can buy them for a fraction of their value. 

Online Sellers

Some people sell used car parts online through classified sites, online auction sites, and other places. You can sometimes find a great deal on the used car parts you are looking for, but do some research to ensure that the seller is legitimately selling the parts before sending any money. 

Some large salvage operations offer parts online as well, and if you can't find the part you need locally, they may be able to ship it to you.